Recent Before & After Photos

Kitchen Fire

This customer called about their kitchen fire. The customer had put food on the stove, walked away and got distracted, as well all do from time to time. Unfortu... READ MORE

Kitchen Fire

This home suffered an unfortunate kitchen fire. The homeowner accidentally got distracted while cooking and forgot they had food cooking. This before photo show... READ MORE

Sink Overflow

As you can see in this before and after this before photo has a picture of a sink that was connected to a sewer line that had a clog and caused a back flow into... READ MORE

Toilet Overflow

These are the before and after photos of a toilet overflow. The before photo is to show what our crew walked in to when we arrived on site. The toilet was clear... READ MORE

Kitchen Before and After

This home suffered significant flooding during the hurricane that happened in September of 2018. We had to extract mass amounts of water and complete demo in mo... READ MORE


The reason to use SERVPRO of Northwest Charlotte is because we do not only perform mitigation services for any water, fire, or mold loss; we also have a full GC... READ MORE

Mold Damage

This is a before and after of a crawl space that suffered mold damage. The home had suffered extensive storm damage in the months prior and with the summer heat... READ MORE

Moldy Crawl 1

One of the many reasons to choose SERVPRO of Northwest Charlotte to perform mitigation work in your home is because not only does SERVPRO of Northwest Charlotte... READ MORE

Office Water Damage

Water damage can happen to anyone! Even our office experienced a water loss. During a large storm we experienced some roof damage which caused a roof leak. We h... READ MORE

Water Damage

Unfortunately, this home suffered extensive water damage which required the existing floors to have to be demoed. When we went in to this home our job was to di... READ MORE