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Why choose SERVPRO of NW Charlotte for fire damage and restoration?

9/15/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Large Loss Vehicle SERVPRO NW Charlotte - Fire Damage Restoration

We understand fires can be particularly catastrophic. Unfortunately, once the first responders drive away, your property probably will not only have suffered damage from just fire and smoke, but also water damage and flooding from the firefighter’s response and extinguishing methods.

Thankfully, SERVPRO of NW Charlotte professionals are specialized in both fire damage and water damage restoration and fully equipped to facilitate your restoration process through to completion. You can rest assured that we have made the process as efficient as possible for you.

Because your well being is our #1 concern, we hope this free checklist is helpful on the road to returning your property to "Like it never even happened."


Your safety is our top priority. After experiencing fire damage, please determine the following:

  • Will you be safe inside the property? If not, evacuate immediately and do not return inside.
  • Are there electrical hazards or any other variables that could cause injury?
  • Only perform activities on the premises that are definitely safe.

Emergency Contact

Our restoration process starts as soon as you call SERVPRO of NW Charlotte. Remember that we are available 24 hours a day and respond faster to any size disaster. You will be asked questions to decide the degree of your fire damage and with what equipment and resources our professionals should respond. 

Inspection and Assessment

SERVPRO of NW Charlotte will thoroughly inspect and examine adjacent rooms of your property to decide the size of the fire, smoke, and soot damage. This step is foundational in building an accurate and effective plan of action.

Immediate Board-Up and Roof-Tarp Service

In order to optimize security and prevent more damage, SERVPRO of NW Charlotte will board up any compromised or missing windows and walls and place tarps on any roof damage.

Water Removal and Drying (if needed)

SERVPRO of NW Charlotte will begin the water removal process at the onset of response. This process is done utilizing proven methods and specially designed equipment including dehumidifiers and air movers to remove and water and complete the drying process.

Removal of Smoke and Soot from All Surfaces

Like with water removal, we use specially designed equipment and methods to remove smoke and soot from all surfaces including walls, floors and ceilings.

Cleaning and Sanitizing

Our professionals will use an array of cleaning methods to restore your personal items "Like it never even happened." This includes the important step of odor removal by using industrial air scrubbers and fogging equipment.


Last but not least is your final step-restoration! This step includes any repairs such as replacing or installing flooring and drywall, painting, and reconstructing any areas or rooms that were demolished or damaged.

Don’t trust your restoration to just anyone. SERVPRO of NW Charlotte is a trusted leader in the restoration industry, and our specialists are highly trained to provide you with 24/7 emergency assistance. Between their extensive training, specialized equipment and proven cleaning techniques, your property will be back to pre-fire condition so that you can be back to your normal life as quickly as possible.

Storm Damage - What if a tree falls on my house?

9/15/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Truck Driving on road SERVPRO NW Charlotte - Storm Damage Restoration

It’s storm season which increases the probability of high winds and rain that lead to the risk of storm damage to your property from toppled trees, but what if a tree falls on your house? First, remember that SERVPRO of NW Charlotte is faster to any size disaster and will help you from step one of the restoration process. Bookmark this checklist as your go-to resource for clean up and restoration.

What if a tree falls on my house?

  • Evacuate the property immediately.

  • Call 911 to report the incident.

  • Instead of worrying about calling individual services like electricians, tree removal and plumbers, simply make one call to SERVPRO of NW Charlotte and we will find the right service providers including a system that each technician has been fully trained to follow. 

  • Do not re-enter the property without being advised and do not worry about your belongings. We will make sure that your home is secured until repairs are complete. If items need to be removed, we can facilitate that process and make sure the belongings are returned to their original place.  

Storm Damage Restoration

Many homeowners like to be fully informed about the restoration process. We want you to have peace of mind and feel good about trusting SERVPRO of NW with your cleanup and restoration.

Here is a beginning sample of what you can expect:


  • Ensure the tree and tree debris is removed from the property.
  • Secure the roof with a covering so that there is no further damage inside.
  • ...and more.


  • Make sure any tree debris indoors has been removed. 
  • Assess damage and ensure demolition of damaged areas including ceilings and walls.
  • Spray exposed surfaces with an antimicrobial agent.  
  • ...and more.

Our #1 priority is to make storma damage as stress free as possible. So, if a tree falls on your house during a storm, call SERVPRO of NW Charlotte and we’ll take it from there. 

September is National Preparedness Month

9/15/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO NW Charlotte - Vehicles SERVPRO is prepared to help you during your disaster and your recovery.

Each September, National Preparedness Month encourages and reminds Americans to be prepared for disasters or emergencies in their homes, businesses, and communities.

Homeowners, families, communities, and businesses can use this opportunity to find ways or help others understand more about preparing for disasters and reducing risks to health and the environment.

SERVPRO of NW Charlotte, Lincoln County, Southern and NE Gaston County is prepared to help you 24/7 with storm damage repair and restoration.

Why SERVPRO - Certified: SERVPRO Cleaning

9/8/2021 (Permalink)

Chairs in airport facility Certified: SERVPRO Cleaning

SERVPRO of NW Charlotte is ready 24/7 to clean and disinfect your facility or business, according to protocols set forth by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Our team has years of experience - dealing with biological contaminants, and we will go beyond the scope of work that regular cleaning staff perform daily.

The CDC encourages cleaning of high-touch surfaces such as tabletops,  counters, doorknobs, light switches, toilets, bathroom fixtures, phones, keyboards, tablets, and tables.

The CDC recommends usage of a labeled hospital-grade disinfectant with claims against similar pathogens to the coronavirus. Multiple products in the SERVPRO product line carry the EPA-approved emerging pathogens claims. While there is currently no product tested against this particular strain of the coronavirus, we are following all guidelines as provided by the CDC and local authorities.

If your facility or business needs deep cleaning services, call SERVPRO of NW Charlotte.

Cleaning Up Your Business After Storm Damage

9/8/2021 (Permalink)

Business Owners holding up umbrellas after storm damage Cleaning Up Your Business After Storm Damage

In North Carolina, there are many cases where storms cause significant damage to your business or the building you operate your business out of. If that is the case SERVPRO of NW Charlotte is here to help. We want to make sure that you have help from start to finish getting your business back up and operational again. 

In most cases high winds will cause significant wind damage. This can cause shingles to come off, trees flying into windows and other types of high impact damage. Our experienced team can handle all of the situations 24/7, 365 days a year. 

It is important if you have any questions to reach out to us at anytime. We hope you don't experience a severe storm, but if you do know that we are here for you. 

Commercial Fire Loss? Here’s What to do Next

8/18/2021 (Permalink)

Firefighters fighting commercial building fire in Charlotte NC What to do after Commercial Fire loss.

Here are important steps to take after a commercial fire loss:

1.) Protect your Property

Do anything you can to protect your property and what is left: Whether it's boarding up your property, putting up emergency fencing, or shutting off water mains -  it's up to you to prevent further damage to the property after the fire. If you neglect to do this, your insurance policy might not pay for the additional damages.

Call a professional loss consultant who can explain to you what steps you need to take under your current insurance policy plan.

2.) Talk to professionals & experts

When experiencing a fire loss, your first response might be to take a break for a few days and process everything the events that just occurred. This is when you  have to go against your instincts and talk to fire officials, specialists, and insurance professionals. You will begin by gathering the correct and required documentation.

Obtain a fire report from the your Fire Marshal's office. Seek a copy of current building codes from building department inspectors, and ask engineers or architects to write out the extent of the building's damage. Or if you think you can handle it on your own, hire a reputable licensed public adjuster who will help you with gathering all the information you need, along with helping you process your insurance claim.

3.) Contact your insurance company ASAP

It is absolutely imperative that you call your agent or insurance company to report the damages as quickly as possible.

If you take too long to contact your insurance agent or insurance company, it could cost you big in the long run. You don't need to request estimates early or sign any paperwork,  just let the insurance company know that a fire loss (damage) has occurred.

SERVPRO of NW Charlotte, Lincoln County, Southern and NE Gaston County specializes in commercial fire damage repair and restoration. We’re locally owned and operated and part of the Mecklenburg, Lincoln, and Gaston communities. Our commercial fire team members are employees, not contractors. That means when property managers call us about an emergency water leak or hazardous cleanup, we can respond quickly.

For questions, contact us anytime at (704) 393-7890 or request help online.

Proactive Disinfecting: Helping businesses during the pandemic

8/16/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Team cleaning surfaces in commercial setting Why Choose SERVPRO for Proactive Cleaning

As commercial activity continues throughout the Charlotte area, business owners and property managers remain focussed on maintaining safe and healthy work environments. We provide professional standby cleaning services that provide peace of mind to employees, vendors, clients and customers.

Why SERVPRO for Proactive Commercial cleaning?

Proper cleaning and disinfection routines can significantly reduce or eliminate pathogens on objects and surfaces in facilities, workplaces, and offices. With deep cleaning and disinfecting now integrated into the new normal, businesses can rely on experts who deal specifically with biological contaminants. 

The SERVPRO of NW Charlotte’s commercial cleaning team is fit-tested for full-face respirators and trained in biohazard cleaning protocols. Our deep cleaning experts are employees, not contractors, with more resources and the most effective equipment

With our standby cleaning services, property managers and business owners can minimize disruptions while still ensuring their offices, buildings and facilities are thoroughly and professionally cleaned. For example, if a property manager calls us with a last-minute request for a facility deep cleaning that same night, we can take care of it. A contractor, however, has limited resources and might not be able to offer such a quick turnaround. 

Viral cleanups: What we do, what we know

Whether you're addressing ducts, carpet, vents or equipment, ongoing maintenance cleaning will help keep your property looking professional and help prevent some maintenance issues. But the pandemic requires business owners to disinfect any high-touch surfaces regularly.  

Examples include tables, doorknobs, light switches, hard-backed chairs, countertops, handles, desks, toilets, faucets, sinks, fixtures and electronics (phone receivers and keypads, computers, keyboards, tablets, touch screens, kiosks and remote controls). 

Other commercial spaces that may require disinfecting and deep  may include:

  • Sales counters
  • Water fountains
  • Soda and snack machines
  • Kitchens, break rooms and food areas
  • Bathrooms
  • Meeting rooms and classrooms
  • Shelving and racks
  • Carpets, rugs and drapes
  • Furnaces and air conditioners
  • Elevators and stair and escalator handrails
  • Playground and fitness equipment

Whether the job requires sanitizing agents, germicides, or antimicrobial treatments, SERVPRO of NW Charlotte only uses OSHA-approved cleaning agents to eliminate contaminants. And, our cleaning experts adhere to Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and local authority guidelines related to pathogen exposure and cleaning procedures.

Learn more about ProActive Clearing, Disinfecting, and 

  • The Deep Clean: Disinfecting workplaces, offices and facilities
  • Staying Ahead with Disinfecting Cleans: The importance of proactive cleaning through a Pandemic
  • Reactive Disinfecting - "Like it never even happened."

Standby commercial cleaning

Although SERVPRO of NW Charlotte is part of a national network of 1,700-plus franchises, we’re locally owned and operated and part of the Mecklenburg, Lincoln ,and Gaston communities. 

Our team can handle any commercial cleaning needs: proactive cleaning when there aren’t confirmed cases or known coronavirus exposure; deep cleaning for possible coronavirus exposure; and reactive cleaning if there’s a confirmed case. For questions, contact us anytime 24/7 at (704) 393-7890 or request help online

A Two-Step Guide to Fire Damage Prevention

8/12/2021 (Permalink)

Fire Detector - Smoke Guide to Fire Damage Prevention

Fire damage is an easy topic to think of as “something that happens to other people.” SERVPRO of NW Charlotte has witnessed firsthand how “other people” didn’t think it could happen to them either. However, a little prevention could have gone a long way. The answer to minimizing fire damage is simple: it starts with you! Remembering these two simple suggestions will make sure you’ve done everything possible to prevent fire damage.

Steps to Fire Damage Prevention

1. Have all the systems in place.

- Detectors

Make sure that you have working smoke and carbon monoxide detectors throughout your home. Ideally, these would be professionally hard wired into your home with a backup battery. Any fire safety professional will tell you these are not optional - they make the difference between life and death and will alert you at the onset of a potential hazard so that you can extinguish it as soon as possible. Also, have detectors checked each month.

- Extinguishers

Should an alarm go off, the next system to have in place is a fire extinguisher or sprinkler system. Fire extinguishers should be available in the kitchen, and ideally in at least one main bedroom or any areas that are likely to have an open flame and be a potential fire hazard.

2. Know your hazards

Homes are filled with hidden fire hazards. Closely monitoring or even eliminating such hazards will automatically prevent a fire and minimize the potential for fire damage.

- Cords and Wiring

Make sure surge protectors and extension cords are not overloaded. In addition, make sure none of your electrical cords have exposed or fraying wires. If you notice any odd electrical behavior in your home, have the electrical wiring checked by a professional electrician.

- Dryer

Clean your dryer’s lint trap after every drying cycle so that lint will not accumulate and become a fire hazard.

- Fireplace

Have your chimney cleaned on a routine basis, and do not have a fire in your fireplace unless recommended by a professional.

- Open Flames

Keep burning candles away from flammable objects such as curtains, tablecloths, etc. Do not leave open flames unattended. Even better, use battery-operated candles to eliminate the potential of hazard from an open flame.

- Natural Gas

Always keep a close eye on pipes and appliances that use natural gas. If you smell gas, call your utility company immediately. Do not turn on or turn off any appliances. Doing so could cause a spark that will ignite any leaking gas. Strictly follow the directions of your utility company.

- Outdoor hazards

The best policy for outdoors is to not have piles of leaves, brush, or foreign objects such as glass surrounding your home. In extreme temperatures, such piles are flammable and tend to self-ignite.

- Cooking, Outdoor Fires, and Grills

The number one cause of fire damage is cooking. Always have a fire extinguisher nearby the kitchen, grill, or outdoor fire. The quicker you can act on an uncontained fire, the less the extent of the damage will be.

- Items that Charge

Keep a close eye on rechargeable items such as batteries, cell phones, hoverboards, and more. Charge items away from flammable materials such as curtains, pillows, bedspreads, etc. If the item’s battery or the charge itself begins to feel hot, do not leave it unattended and it is best to unplug the item.

Fire Damage Cleanup and Restoration

As always, it is essential to remember that a prompt response will lessen any fire damage, reduce further damage and minimize costs. However, should fire damage occur despite your preparation, our certified professionals are ready to respond immediately and will help return your home to its original condition.

We are locally owned and operated and available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The quicker you call us, the quicker we can help!

Tips to Minimize Damage during Storm Season

7/29/2021 (Permalink)

Storms over neighborhood in Charlotte NC Prepare & Prevent Storm Damage

Storm season is upon us which can make property owners feel unsettled and vulnerable. As someone once said, “Confidence comes from being prepared.” Perhaps you, too, lack the confidence of being prepared? As neighbors in your community, we want to help instill confidence that you’ve done everything possible to protect your home before the storm hits. As emergency responders for over two decades, we want to keep you informed by sharing our firsthand insight. Believe us- we’ve seen storm damage of all shapes and sizes. Either way, our #1 goal is for you to be able to enjoy your home as if it never happened! 

So, how can you prepare? To ease any storm’s impact, we’ve compiled our go-to storm preparation recommendations just for you. Follow these tips to help reduce potential storm damage on your property and surrounding areas. You can thank us later. ;)

Storm Preparation 101:

  1. Look up. What trees and limbs are hanging over your property? Be sure dead or loose limbs are clear and trees trimmed. Also, look for trees with visibly shallow root systems and make sure nothing is within falling distance should the roots become saturated and the tree uproots.
  2. Look out. What is on your patio or lawn that could be blown by high winds? Make sure that any fences are secured, furniture anchored, and loose items are stored properly.

  3. Look around. Is the perimeter of your house secure? Are gutters draining properly? If not, be sure to clean out the debris to ensure proper drainage. Are windows and doors protected? If they appear vulnerable, consider covering them with plywood or installing storm shutters and even heavy-duty hardware.

  4. Look inside. Are the floors clear of belongings? Make sure books, electronic devices, photographs, and more are stored off the ground and not lying on the floor to incur potential water damage. Be sure to have a collection of drying materials (towels, rags, etc.) should you need to dry water quickly until help arrives. Also, make sure to have a proper stash of emergency items according to the CDC recommendations:

  5. Look at your phone. Who do you have stored in your contacts to call should any damage occur? Important numbers to have stored include friends and family, fire and police departments, health care providers and hospitals, local emergency management offices, utility companies, American Red Cross, and emergency restoration and clean-up service of choice (three cheers for SERVPRO!). The #1 thing to remember is that fast response will lessen the damage, reduce further damage and minimize costs. 

Should any damages occur beyond your control, don’t forget that we’re your neighbors and already in the area. Our team can respond 24/7 to your storm damage restoration needs, call us - the locally owned and operated, certified professionals: SERVPRO of NW Charlotte, Lincoln County, Southern and NE Gaston County.

We are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and dedicated to responding immediately. The quicker you call us, the quicker your home can return to normal.

What every NC business owner should know about flood insurance coverage

6/18/2021 (Permalink)

Flood in Business Office Commercial Water Damage Restoration

If your commercial property takes a hit - whether it’s an office flood caused by a significant storm or restaurant water damage from firefighting efforts and sprinkler systems - you want to get back to business as soon as possible.

Every hour you spend restoring commercial property after a flood emergency is lost revenue and productivity. And the insurance claims process adds more stress to an already challenging situation. 

Fortunately, local experts can mitigate the damage, manage the restoration project through to its completion, and help you navigate the insurance process: SERVPRO of NW Charlotte, Lincoln County, Southern and NE Gaston County. 

Additionally, SERVPRO is a preferred vendor for many insurance companies. Why? Because adjusters understand our goal is to give our commercial customers the best service possible to get them back up and running quickly. Our professionals provide 24-hour emergency response, quickly identify and mitigate damage, assess the loss, restore the damage, and develop a thorough electronic case file for customers and adjusters.  

However, long before a disaster or emergency strikes, business and commercial property owners should understand the ins and outs of their insurance policies so there are no surprises about coverage. Below are some North Carolina Department of Insurance responses to seven commonly asked questions about flood insurance.

What is the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP)?

In 1968, the federal government established NFIP. The Federal Insurance Administration, which is part of the Federal Emergency Management Agency, administers the program. NFIP makes flood insurance available to property owners in communities that help reduce further flood losses by adopting and enforcing floodplain management ordinances. Property owners must be within a city, township or county that participates in the NFIP by enforcing floodplain management standards. Flood insurance isn’t just for properties in particular flood hazard areas; nearly 30 percent of flood insurance claims are for properties outside floodplains.

Does my policy cover flood damage to my commercial building and its contents?

Standard commercial property policies don’t cover water damage due to flood; however, some carriers offer limited coverage to premium policies or add it to other policies by “endorsement.” An NFIP policy covers water damage loss that results directly from flood.

I covered for sewage backup if I added an endorsement to my policy?

Most commercial property policies don’t cover water damage due to backup of sewer or sump pump; however, many companies will sell this coverage through a separate endorsement or addition to the policy. While silent on sump pump coverage, NFIP policies provide sewer backup coverage when there are general flooding conditions in the area (even if flood water hasn’t touched the property), the flood caused the sewer backup, damage occurs within 72 hours after the flood recedes, and the property value is at least 80-percent.

Is there coverage for the fire damage on my flooded property?

Most commercial property policies exclude flood as a covered cause of loss; however, it gives back coverage for fire and explosion, and in some cases, for theft or sprinkler coverage in the event of a flood. NFIP policies don’t provide coverage for fire or other named perils.

Receding flood waters left debris all over my property. Is debris removal covered?

Most commercial property policies provide coverage for debris removal if a covered peril causes the loss. NFIP policies cover insured debris removal anywhere and non-insured debris only if it’s the insured property. Uninsured debris on the insured’s lawn isn’t covered.

Will insurance cover my lost income if I had to close my business because of a flood?

Most commercial property policies provide business income protection within the policy or by endorsement; however, the coverage only applies to a covered cause of loss. If the policy includes flood coverage, that coverage also applies to business income. NFIP policies don’t cover for loss of use, loss of access, business interruption, additional expense or loss of profits.

Commercial water damage restoration

Regardless of the scope or size of the damage, SERVPRO of NW Charlotte, Lincoln County, Southern and NE Gaston County can respond immediately to commercial water damage emergencies. Our highly trained restoration technicians are employees - not contractors - who use the most advanced water damage inspection and extraction equipment. To learn more, call us anytime at (704) 393-7890 or request help online.