Commercial Photo Gallery

Flooded public bathroom

Commercial Water Loss

This was a commercial water loss in a women's bathroom. As you can see there was a mass amount of standing water on the floor. This office was able to use their restroom within 1 day of the water loss. 

Commercial Mold Damage Restoration

Commercial Mold Damage Restoration

This was a commercial mold job. There was mold all over the walls in the hallway and the restroom. We cleaned and sprayed the areas that had mold. The spray we use is safe and non-toxic.

Flooded warehouse floor

Water Can Bring Your Business (and Profits!) to a Screeching Halt

Water losses can wreck havoc on a business, stopping work flow and damaging stock and equipment. SERVPRO understands! Our crews respond immediately and can work around the clock, often getting the doors back open in a matter of hours!

Building in Charlotte NC

No Loss is Too Large

Water and sewage can travel fast, affecting all the floors of large office and residential buildings. These situations often involve multiple owners, managers, tenants and insurance carriers. We can sort it all out, keep the parties informed and handle both cleaning up the damage and reconstructing the spaces.

Before and After Photo of Damage Bathroom

Mold Doesn't Magically Go Away - Handle It Now!

A local property management group called us in September of 2014 to quote the mold remediation of one of their vacant office buildings. Fall storm flooding had filled the building up to three feet high without anyone knowing. The $17,000 estimate shocked them and they delayed handling the problem. In March 2015, they called us out again. The mold had gone wild, eating its' way through the surface and into the structure materials. Their 6 month delay resulted in a 6 times more expensive bill of $106,000. Have mold? Call SERVPRO now!

Water Extraction hoses on floor of hallway

Specialized Equipment Can Save You Time & Money

When a loss happens, sometimes property owners try to reduce their costs by demolishing the wet walls before calling in the experts. At SERVPRO, we have specialized equipment that can often save the cost and mess of demolition. Here you see the Injecti-dry wall system at work in a local daycare center.